Building Your New Home for the Future

How To Future Proof Your New Home

For many homeowners, the joy of designing a new home is the unparalleled opportunity that it offers to include new technologies that are now revolutionizing what we have traditionally thought of as the home.

Our homes are rapidly becoming places that are sanctuaries from a world that is increasingly crowded and busy. We often seek to find a balance between the sheer volume of information that we are exposed to – and our increasingly urgent requirements to simply enjoy some quality time with our families and friends – in an environment that allows us to relax.

New technologies in the construction of homes and newly launched information technology and automation systems are making it possible to now design homes that offer greater levels of comfort and convenience than ever before.

These homes are an ideal synthesis between what we have traditionally enjoyed – comfort and shelter and access to increasingly complex but user-friendly devices that are making life easier and less stressful when we take refuge in our homes.

So what are some of these design elements and technologies that are changing the way that households enjoy each others company – and the company of others.

1. Homes Built Today Have Access To Previously Unheard Of Entertainment Possibilities

With more and more households choosing to stay at home rather than choose other entertainment options outside of the home it is no wonder that home entertainment options have become ever more complex and are today able to deliver an entertainment experience that only a few years ago would have been unimaginable. 4K 90 inch television sets, hyper-advanced gaming consoles and home theater systems that are customized to deliver entertainment that is tailored to the requirements of each person in the household.

2. Home Automation

The latest studies in the United States indicate that more than 90% of those people who are building their own homes are now interested in incorporating elements of home automation into their households. Home automation has made our homes ever more comfortable and the latest developments continue to evolve at a frightening (or rather welcome) pace. Building Your Bathroom to Withstand the Future

Climate control, energy saving and home security are only some of the systems that can now be controlled. In some cases autonomously – or if those in the home would prefer apps on Smart Devices including mobile phones.

However, possibly the most revolutionary advances are those which have been brought about by a new wave of artificial intelligence. These systems are now capable of anticipating the needs of the household and tailoring many aspects of households management to owners requirements even before being instructed to do so.

Devices such as the Amazon Echo and Alexa are now so intuitive that they are now fully fledged home management systems. Responding to the human voice they can now control a variety of smart home systems. They can obtain information, make restaurant recommendations based on past behavior and order groceries from the retail giant. All the while making recommendations on discounts and special offers based on advanced algorithms.

3. Shopping from Your New Construction

The tremendous impact of devices, such as Alexa, have made home shopping more intuitive than ever before. The latest partnership between Amazon and Whole Foods has added another dimension to home shopping. It is not possible for almost any device, or any consumer goods to be ordered from the comfort of one’s own home.

These are only some of the devices that are available on the market now. The question many homeowners are asking is where is the latest technology headed?

Designing a home that will enjoy some sort of ‘future proofing’ is largely a practice of making educated guesses and using one’s intuition. Second guessing the advances in technology that are now on the cusp of being introduced can be extremely challenging.

Only five years ago many of the home automation devices that we now take for granted were the stuff of science fiction. And given that technology is advancing at an exponential pace we may only be seeing the start of how this technology will change our home lives.

However, there are some decisions that those building a house can take to make sure that they will be taking advantage of new developments.

one of the first of these – and possibly one of the most important is to ensure that wiring and conduits are available to cope with any changes. Infrastructure to cope with increased data requirements is absolutely essential.

Reliance on wireless technology may not be the silver bullet that many think. The amount of data that is transmitted by this technology is simply not up to the task of coping with the increasing demands of video transmission on large screens – and it may fall short of the increased bandwidth required for many other devices.

Increasing capabilities using industrial printing are going to make the design of houses easier – and possibly cheaper than ever before – but pre-planning is still going to be a requirement for those who want to future-proof their homes.

Building your home doesn’t have to be a huge headache. Many people equate building a list and building a home as these monumental tasks that are too overbearing to even be accomplished. But that’s where we come in—we build builders lists and we build homes, taking all of the headache out of the process. Check back often for more updates.